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In 2013, the group started to colaborate with the singer Lena Kaufman. This colaboration bring live acoustic performances created a stir in Moscow music & the art galleries scene. At the moment, the group’s growing repertoire consists of about 25 lounge, trip hop, experimental and jazz songs. The line up is made up of artists, singers, musicians and actors, merging different talents to create a highly danceable sound and great vibe. Every group member is the star in his own right.

  • . Composer, Beatmaker: Mono
  • . Songwriter, Lyrics, Vocal samples: Lena Kaufman
  • . Keys: Michail Efimov
  • . Trumpet: Petr Tihonov

Singer | Songwriter with angelic voice Lena Kaufman sings in Russian, English and French. At the moment, Kaufman is a frontwoman in a number of groups: A low-fi & hip hop project “White Bully” based in Bristol, UK -Recording in Massive Attack studio, debut album to be released late 2013- and “Lunivers” project in France -their vinyl “Happy Route” was released on “Ping Pong” label-. Kaufman composes music for theatre plays (Moscow Meyerhold theater). Earlier in her career, Kaufman collaborated with the indi outfit “Truffele”, “Triangle Sun” (with whom in 2011 she made a hit that was the first Russian language song to be included in the “Budha Bar” compilation) and top-10 Russian band “Би-2” -pronounced - Be-dva - with whom she had a number of hits as a lead singer. Kaufman has repeatedly performed at Ninja Tune label parties

Beatmaker and infectious sample genius, Yuri Mono, comes from a reggae & DJ background and has founded and played in two groups: “Green Point Orchestra” & “Mono & Isai”. With the “Mono & Isai”, he 5 times opened the Kazantip music festival which is one of the most prominent & influential annual Russian & Ukrainian open airs. “Green Point Orchestra” has won a Café Del Mar Lounge Festival in 2003. His songs were released in both Russia and Europe as CD’s and in compilations and his material have impressed Madonna & Lady Gaga. Earlier in his career, Mono played as DJ for a number of Russian radio stations. For a long period Mono has lived in Germany where he participated in a number of ethnic music projects. He played in experimental О.Н.И (Unknown Instruments Orchestra). Mono writes scores for movies and theater plays both in Russia & Europe.

Hermes Zygott plays both archaic instruments such as conch / seashells, dulcimer, crystal bowls and at the same time utilizes musical touch screen technologies. Zygott is a well-known visual, musical & performance artist -Ongoing collaboration with the acclaimed international performance artist Oleg Kulik is among his other projects-, and is one of the founders of experimental О.Н.И -Unknown Instruments- Orchestra. Zygott has extensively collaborated with one of the most famous Russian modern classical composers, a writer & philosopher Vladimir Martynov and took part in the annual musical festivals he organizes.

Yuri Balashov plays singing bowls and “sound root” -An instrument of driftwood created & constructed with Hermes Zygott-. Balashov is a prominent Moscow painter & artist famous for his album artwork for many Russian pop groups and for the last Frank Zappa’s album “Civilization 3” for which he received a Grammy award. Balashov is playing with the acclaimed Moscow electro folk band “Volga” since it was formed in 1997. “Volga” has 9 CD’s & EP’s -on Exotica, Lumberton, Sketis music, Manas records & Lollipop Shop labels- plus a number of tracks on various compilations. The group tours in Russia and abroad.

Peter Tikhonov is on trumpet. Peter has been for many years playing with the top-3 Russian pop rockabilly band “Neprikasemie” -Untouchables- with lead singer Garik Sukachev and participated in other musical projects. Tikhonov took part in the highly acclaimed performances of a controversial, political and satirical play “Poet & citizen” written by Dmitri Bykov which was staged in Moscow, heard on the major radio stations & televised in 2011-2012.

Keyboards are played by Mikhail Efimov the famous actor of Russian movies and theaters. Who Since 1985, he start bulding his artistic life through the theatric sceneand in 1993 graduated from Moscow Music College. He was playing in Maykovskyi Theatre in Moscow and Moscow Theatre.Doc. He won a “Golden Mask” award in 2011 and in 1993 graduated from Moscow Music College




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