Bristol, United Kingdom

"White Bully" a project conceived in the Russian Countryside and executed in Bristol UK, emerge with their urgent live electronic incarnation featuring the Moscovite vocalist Lena Kaufman, launching an assured debut album of hip-hop hypnosis spliced between moments of clarity, dark hope and leftover magic

  • . Vocals and Machine: Lena Kaufman
  • . Keys: Eugene Guetov "Bluuge"
  • . Guitars, Beats, Vocal: Tom Beef
  • . Keys, Loops: Andy Spaceland

Support comes from their alternative up-beat sister project 'White Bully Soundsystem' promising a fully eclectic fresh experience.
Words byGravenhurst - Warp Records




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Flyer 2012

SuperNormal Festival

Shambala Festival 2015

In Christchurch Studio

Left Bank Bristol Life

Lena & Andy

Lena & Eugene

Shambala Festival 2015

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