Happy Route Remixes

The single "Happy Road" deserved to other versions, depending on meetings and friends Jaïs Elalouf proposed a first title facelift to tech-house band, The Access and the Franco-Argentine duo Fritz & Lang. Psychedelic rock fan, Oof asks Seb El Zin, leader of the group ithak his rereading giving a strange mix of electro-pop and progressive rock.
Equally successful is unlikely and the Latin and deep house remix of Rennes Azaxx signed to the label "Tru Thoughts."
Finally the tube of this collection is signed, The Supermen Lovers. This remix EP also offers a new song "Love Song", an eclectic instrumental to the extreme that leaves a fun house and moved with oriental music.

  1. Happy Route - The Supermen Lovers - Radio edit
  2. Love song - Lunivers
  3. Happy Route - Frits & Lang remix
  4. Happy Route - The Access remix
  5. Happy Route - Seb El Zin remix
  6. Happy Route - Azaxx remix
  7. Happy Route - (instrumental version) - Lunivers
  8. Happy Route - Lunivers
  9. Happy Route - The Supermen Lovers remix